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August 18, 2010

Look At What We Did

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Holiday Chess Tournament

The Belize Golden Kings and Queens participated in the annual Holiday Chess Tournament on Saturday, December 11th.  What an experience!!!  We not only learned just what the children go through for a tournament, but we learned we aren’t as bad as we thought we were.  Now on to learn more so we can do better at the next tournament.

Please join us in 2011 to learn an exciting game.


New Location for Belize Senior Chess

The Belize Golden Kings and Queens are an active group of people who meet every week in Belmopan to learn the game of chess and to play a friendly game.  This group interacts with the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation whenever we can.

Effective, Tuesday, September 7th, our new location will be the Venezuelan Embassy’s IT and Cultural Center on the corner of Orchid Garden and Floriana Avenue.  Join us at 4:00 pm every Tuesday.  We look forward to meeting you.  Here are pictures of our new location.  Look at the smiles on the faces.

What the participants have to say.

“Now that I am understanding chess it is very enjoyable.  I wish more seniors would come and share the fun.  It is remarkable to see how the younger children master the chess.  I spoke to a 6 year old, I asked how long have you been playing, she paused – Miss, a long, long time!!  I smiled.”

“Chess to me is a very wonderful game ’cause it’s very competing and at the same time I get to meet very sports minded people.  I hope to learn all I can from this sport.”

“I saw a young boy (about 16 years old) who had gotten into a lot of trouble and was having many difficulties growing up, who began to learn to play chess.  He has a very great aptitude for it and learned a lot in a very short time and began beating his teacher easily.  His self esteem grew as he finally found something at which he could excel.”

“I find the game of chess to be challenging and interesting. I enjoy playing chess and hope to become a strong and skillful player.”

“Chess is a fun way to challenge the brain and enjoy making new friends.  Don’t be intimidated.  WE can all learn new things and it is fun!”

“I find chess to be very interesting.  It’s helping me to concentrate better.  I thought it was a game only for young minds, but am coping through.  I am a grandmother.  Hopefully one day I will play well.”

“Chess for me is fascinating, as it encourages me to think with a more open and positive way.  The game of chess is for people in all walks of life.”

“Chess at one time was a mystery.  I thought of it as something impossible for me at this time in my life.  Once I was exposed to the game I’ve found that it is indeed challenging but it is a good kind of challenge.  It keeps my minds moving and I like and need that.”

Belize Senior Chess Club’s start

I have been fascinated by the game of chess for many years.  So I promised myself that I would learn to play it when I retired, even though I heard it was a very hard game to play – intellectual, you know?  But I like challenges.  When I retired I could not find anywhere here in Belmopan where this wondrous game was being taught.  One day Ms. Elsie from George Price Center told me that a lady was teaching chess to primary school children – upstairs.  I ran upstairs and there I met this petite, wonderful lady, Ella Anderson, I asked her about teaching seniors.   She was interested in the idea, and said that if I found at least four persons, she would teach us.  Eventually, Mr. Kisling was able to find a few seniors, who were interested.  So now, here we are, a small group, but very interested, dedicated and committed in learning this chess game.

At this point, it seems that we all love it, and look forward to Monday evenings, to challenge each other.  It is amazing how we all have learnt to a certain extent, how to play this game.  I am amazed at my own self; I cannot believe it, that at this age I would learn what I have learnt.  I know that I might still be at the threshold of this game, but very appreciative of what I have learnt so far.

Learning to play chess seems to have helped us in some aspects of our life.  It is indeed an intellectual game that makes you think and think hard before you leap.  At this age we seem to forget things more often than we were used to.  I find now that I stop at times and begin to think of certain decisions I need to make before I act, and force myself to try and remember certain important things, by thinking out problems or decisions I need to make, especially when you live alone, and all the decisions etc. need to be made by you and you alone.  And where you need to keep in mind and remember all what you need to do to keep yourself going.  Another aspect is the socializing with other persons your age, before you seemed to be an outcast of society, not it seems we have a family of friends who care, someone you can go somewhere with.  You can see it, when chess time is over, people want to talk with others, and we seem not to want to rush home.  (Yes, you are correct)  We were hungry for company, for friends.

We appreciate very much our teachers, the two ladies who teach us.  They have much knowledge in what they are teaching.  They know exactly where they are going with us, and to where they are taking us.  I commend the well-prepared lessons, and the professionalism in which everything is done; the lessons, the handouts, the manner in which every one of us is approached, etc.  And to top it all, all this is done for us to us – free of charge.  We are a lucky bunch.  Thank you Ella, than you Karen, all the best to you both.

Findings of chess in films, thanks to Pat Robinson for this information.

CHESS is the GAME OF KINGS – and  Omar Sharif in one of his later films thinks so.  He plays a wealthy Sheik ie Arab chief or Prince and it is in this richly adorned tent of the desert  looking absolutely regal in his magnificent robes and head gear that one sees at his elbow an incredible Chess Board.    I certainly would have missed this if I had not begun to study chess.  Mind you I guess it takes a life time to be a chess player that is why most begin at six.

Rick Blaine alias Humphrey Bogart in the now famous film CASABLANCA is playing a lonely game of chess on a marvelous looking chess board when the German Gestapo appear in his cafe.

Of course he stops his game when Ilsa appears with her husband and then goes on to say that famous phrase ” OF ALL THE GIN PLACES IN ALL THE WORLD SHE HAS TO APPEAR IN MINE” .      I saw this on Turner Classic movies last week for the umpteenth time but never noticed the chess board until now.

In Charlotte Bronte book “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” the horrible Arthur intends to checkmate Helen which he does not only in the game but in life itself.

I have not finished this book yet – perhaps this evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These three recent instances prove that CHESS is fundamental universal and popular.

Stann Creek Joins US

On August 17th we were joined by a group from Stann Creek at our weekly meeting.

In the past month we have been able to watch the youths in action at their chess camps in Sibun.  There we played some blitz games with players from Mexico, the coaches and of course, the kids.

The seniors are also always looking for a challenge.  Below you will see Mrs. Pat Robinson playing a game against the International Chess Grand Master, Maurice Ashley.  Mr. Ashley makes many trips to Belize annually to help with the training of all the players.  We were told that the game ended in a draw.


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